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The Freiman Paper Mill was formed with the aim of producing kraft paper, flotting, liner test and whitewash in Kavian industrial city of Fariman city. The company now owns 77,000 square meters of land and 20,000 square meters of infrastructure, including production halls, facilities and warehouses for the production of fluting paper and liner testing with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons.
The collection is based on the most experienced paper experts in the country and invites foreign experts to create a complex of paper and cardboard industries that can compete with foreign products, in addition to producing paper or a variety of quality, following the training of young forces and the promotion of paper production technology in the country.

Industrial units

  • ماشین کاغذ
  • واحد تولید کاغذ فلوتینگ و تست لاینر
  • واحد خمیر سازی و پالایش خمیر
  • واحد تولید بخار و هوای فشرده
  • واحد مواد شیمیایی و پخت نشاسته
  • واحد تصفیه خانه و پساب

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Optimal use of water and energy resources

In order to track environmental pollution and comply with standards, the company has established a paper wastewater treatment system.

Tracking of environmental pollution including water pollution, soil contamination and air pollution and their continuous control

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    45 km of Mashhad Road – Fariman – Kavian Industrial Park – Development Phase

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